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Gerund or Infinitive?
Quiz 2

        Choose the most appropriate answer:

1)  Leila dreams of ____________ a famous actress.
                        to become

2)  I feel like ____________ a cup of coffee.
                        to have

3)   She couldn't help ____________ whenever she meets an orphan.
                        to cry

4)  Let me ____________ if I can do this for you.
                        to see

5)  I am fond of ____________ Old Arabic Poetry.
                        to read

6)  They agreed ____________ him a second chance.
                        to allow

7)  It is quite difficult ____________ how they did that.
                        to imagine

8)  I'm thinking of ____________ my job!
                        to quit

9)  They showed her how ____________ the firm effectively.
                        to run

10)   I'd rather ____________ home right now.
                        to go

How is that so?!