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2ème Bac. | May 2012

Language Test

  1. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given.        {3 points}
    1. "Don't put all the eggs in the same basket" she told me.
      She advised him
    2. They were reading the poem aloud.
      The poem
    3. The flight was postponed because the weather was bad.
      Due to

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense or form.        {3 points}

    1. As soon as she [get] her visa, she went to the airport..   
    2. They stopped [have] a rest after a long day’s work.    
    3. By tomorrow, she [read] all the reports..    
    4. You needn't [read] this chapter. It's optional.    
    5. They wanted [sell] that old house on the corner.    
    6. Please, help me [fix] this old bike of mine.    

  3. Put the words between brackets in the correct form.        {3 points}

    1. Fairy tales are full of strong and [audacity] heroes.    
    2. Unfortunately, many people in the world still suffer from [ starve] .    
    3. We have noticed a huge [improve] in the village since last year.    
    4. The director is looking for talented and [profession] actors.    
    5. The labour market requires [innovation] people.    
    6. I've never missed any [confer] on the preservation of the planet.    

  4. Match the words that go together to make collocations:        {2 points}

    a. thinking
    1. noteb. taking1.
    2. activec. solving2.
    d. learning
    Collocations for the Bac. >>

  5. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expressions from the list.        {1 point}

    grant compliance altruism compulsory

    1. It is to have an Identity card now that you are 18.   
    2. Are you sure you want to apply for the .    

  6. Choose the right answer.        {1 point}
    1. She wears glasses so that she (will - can - may) see well.    
    2. He was very sad. He (must - mustn't - must have) heard some bad news.    

  7. Match each sentence with its appropriate function.        {5 points}

    a. cause & effect b. addition c. complaining d. concessione. defining f. advice g. apologizing

    1. I am so sorry for keeping you waiting. 1.
    2. He wants to have the laptop; on the other hand, he doesn’t know how to use it.2.
    3. He couldn’t start the car as he had forgotten the keys at home.3.
    4. Nostalgia means wistful longing for something one has known in the past.4.
    5. You ought to make some more efforts.5.

  8. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list.        {2 points}

    look up run into turn down find out put off

    1. A cow was stolen and the farmer is trying to who did it    
    2. If you can do it now, don't it until tomorrow.    
    3. In life, it is normal to different sorts of problems.    
    4. Your project is not complete. They will surely it .