Common Core => Reading => November => 55 minutes.

Reading Test

            Hi there! My name is Kitty. I am an English student aged seven. I live with my parents in a big house in Liverpool. I have got one brother, his name is John. I love him because he is kind and generous. I canít bear nasty people; and I canít stand junk food, either. My parents enjoy staying at home; but I donít. I love going to the park, instead. Angelica, my sister-in-law, adores the park, too. She is a very beautiful Italian woman with long black hair. I am mad about her.


            A.     Answer these questions   

  1. How old is Kitty?

  2. Where does she live?

  3. Why does she love John?

  4. What nationality is Angelica?

  5. How many people are there in the text?

            B.     What do the underlined words in the text refer to ?    

  1. "he" (line 2)  
  2. "she" (line 5)  

            C.     Are these sentences True or False? Justify    

  1. Kitty goes to school.

  2. John is single.

  3. Angelica abhors the park.

  4. Kitty loves Angelica.

            D.    Find in the text the opposite of these words.    

1. small #   4. nice #

2. hate #

5. ugly #  
3. mean #   6. short #

            E.    Fill in the chart with information from the text    

kitty's likes Kitty's DislikesParents' LikesParents' Dislikes


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