~ Link Me Quiz ~

Click the appropriate linking word in each sentence:

01. She must take a taxi (as / to ) she is already late for the meeting.

02. She took a taxi (because /so that ) she could arrive on time.

03. She took a taxi (owing to / in order to ) arrive on time for the meeting.

04. Nobody could buy this luxurious car (due to / because ) cost.

05. We arrived very late (because / because of ) the rush hour jam.

06. Many people emigrate (so as to / for ) look for a better life.

07. She lent him a huge sum of money (so as to / on account for ) buy a house.

08. She had eaten too much (as a result / because) she had a stomach-ache.

09. He didn't revise his lessons (consequently / in order that) he fails all his tests.

10. She used to eat junk food (since / as a result ) she becomes obese.

11. She kept silent (as / so that ) she had nothing to say.

12. We couldn't see anything (because of / thanks to ) the fog.

13. People usually exercise (so that / in order to ) keep fit.

14. She got to the top (thanks to / because of ) hard work and perseverance.

15. (Since / One effect of ) he was not wearing his glasses, he couldn't read.


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