2ème Bac. | May 2012

Language Test

  1. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense or form.

    1. "Stop [complain]    
    2. The dog started to bark as soon as he [see] the thief.    
    3. He is used to [sit] in the garden alone for hours.    
    4. By the time you read this. I [reach] New York.    
    5. You'd better [do] what your parents say.    
    6. They [work] until the sun raised.    

  2. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given.    {4 points}
    1. They have to repeat the poem many times.
      The poem
    2. "I don't want to see her here tomorrow." the manager said
      The manager told us
    3. They are old; however, they still work in the fields.
    4. "I don't know how to fix the machine!" He said sadly
      He wishes

  3. Put the words between brackets in the correct form.

    1. The family is the core unit determining the [strong] of any society.    
    2. Is it [law] and safe to download mp3 files?.    
    3. One function of genetic engineering is to make plants [tolerance] to diseases.    
    4. The kid is [passion] about sport, especially soccer.    
    5. The girl's top [prior] is to succeed this year.    
    6. The program works quite well but it needs some more [improve] .    

  4. Match the words that go together to make collocations:

    a. society
    1. civicb. shock1.
    2. culturalc. education2.
    d. diversity
    Collocations for the Bac. >>

  5. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expressions from the list

    duty portfolio citizen compulsory

    1. Is it really to answer this question?    
    2. A good is more than a collection of documents and diplomas.    

  6. Choose the right answer.
    1. Glass is everywhere. The cat (must - mustn't - must have) broken the bottle.    
    2. If I were you, I (will - would - would have) pick up the one in the middle.    

  7. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list.

    set up put up turn down stand for put off

    1. A. What does L.O.L ?    
      B. Loss Of Language, right?!

    2. Let's the project until next year to save funds.    

  8. Match each sentence with its appropriate function :

    a. cause & effect b. purpose c. complaining d. apology e. defining f. request g. clarification

    1. I'm sorry, what was that again?1.
    2. I'm sorry to say this but your music is too loud.2.
    3. I'm so sorry, but this will never occur again.3.
    4. She exercises regularly so as not to get fat.4.
    5. Brain Drain commonly refers to Human capital flight.5.