Phrasal Verbs

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate prepositions from the list


~ Love has always been blind ~

         This is the story of the secretary who fell her boss and asked him to marry her. The boss unquestionably turned the request and asked her to forget it because he had already been married for years.

         One day while she was looking some documents in the bossís private drawer, she came some beautiful young womenís photos. She just picked them and showed them to him. He got angry and told her in front of everybody for breaking his office. She couldn't put with the humiliation and immediately gave her notice. The next day she set for the capital. The local TV channel gave the news the same day. Later on the bossís wife found that the photos in question were their own daughtersí.

         After the storm had calmed , the boss appointed a man the post of the secretary to look the companyís interests. They soon got well with each other and the business prospers again.

~ compare ~

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