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This series of PowerPoint presentations are free to use for Educational purposes. Teachers and students are invited to use them for teaching and learning only.

   Family Quiz
   Is it a noun or a verb?
   Prepositions After Adjectives
   Prepositions of time and place
   Phrasal Verbs Quiz
   Countable and Uncountable Nouns
   The use of 'much' and 'many'
   The use of 'a little' and 'a few'
   Verb Collocations: Do & Make
   Spelling or word choice game (1)
   Spelling or word choice game (2)
   Spelling or word choice game (3)
   Easy Passive voice Quiz
   Active or Passive voices Quiz
   Reported Speech Quiz
   Gerund or infinitive? Quiz   
   Adjectives in -ful & -less   
   Relative Pronouns Quiz   
   What do I mean? game   
   Present Progressive game
   The Sentence
   Moody Game
   LOOK : Phrasal Verb Quiz    ~ new ~

N.B : For those who ask for more material, I am sorry to inform them that I'm short of Disk Space and PowerPoint presentations are mostly large files. Thanks for your trust.

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