"Your" Vs "You're"

Epidemic Common Errors

- YOUR is a possessive adjective. E.g: Is this your computer? What's your name? I know your parents. What do you do in your free time? I don't like your new hair-cut. etc.

- YOU ' RE is the subject pronoun (YOU) + the short form of (ARE). E.g: You're a student [You are a student]. You're students [You are students]. You're intelligent [You are intelligent]. You're 16 [You are sixteen]. You're Moroccan [You are Moroccan]. etc.

I. Dictating Game

/|\ Click "Dictate me" and copy down the text in the next box. Click again if you are not sure.






II. Gap Filling Game

\|/ Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word

    your     or     you're    

01. welcome.
02. doing the quiz now.
03. I think right. I need to be careful about it.
04. How old is brother?
05. I'm sorry but late.
06. sleeping bag is in the car.
07. I'm sorry for loss.
08. son has got the prize.
09. not serious about selling house, are you?
10. Thanks for time.